Карпюк, 5. Unit 10. Lessons 10-11

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1 No, it isn’t. It is bigger than Germany.
2 It was Kyevskaya Rus.
3 No, it isn’t.
4 They celebrate the independence of Ukraine.
5 Ukrainians live all over the world.
6 They are hardworking talented people.
7 Very popular tradition in Ukraine is to celebrate such holidays as Maslyanitsa and Green Holidays.
8 They symbolize Ukrainian fields of grain under blue skies.
9 Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.
10 It stands on the River Dnipro.
11 Here are some places of interest in Kyiv: Sophia, Golden Gates etc.
12 The symbol of Kyiv is a chestnut tree.
First Kozaks lived in Ukraine many hundreds years ago.
The most famous Kozaks were Zaporizhian Kozaks.
Kozaks called their leader koshoviy otaman.
Zaporizhian Sich was a good example of democratic state.
The word “kozak” means a free and independent man.
Legends and songs brought us the names of the national heroes.
Zaporizhian Kozaks were brave and strong men.
They loved freedom.
They didn’t want to work for masters.
Ivan Sirko won many victories.
Their names will live in hearts and minds of true Ukrainians.
The main idea was to fight for independence.
The Russian Empress broke Zaporizhian Sich.
I live in Kharkiv. It is a big city in Kharkiv region. It took its name after the river it stands on. Ludmila Gurchenko, Klavdia Shuljenko were born here. Isaak Dunayevsky, Leonid Bykov lived here. Kharkiv is famous for very many things. It is a students’ city; there are a lot of institutes and universities. Kharkiv is a very important industrial centre; it is a big cultural centre too. There are a lot places of interest in Kharkiv. There are very many theatres, museums and monuments here. Kharkiv’s Independence Square is the biggest square in Europe. The architecture of the city is also very beautiful.
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