Карпюк, 5. Unit 10. Lessons 4—5

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1) This is the special issue.
2) Ukraine is in the centre of Europe.
3) It is smaller than France, but bigger than Germany.
4) Ukrainians live in small towns and big cities.
5) The 24th of August is the Day of Independence in Ukraine.
6) Ukrainian people are talented, hardworking and friendly.
7) They have their own language, culture, customs and traditions.
8) Two colours of the Ukrainian flag symbolize Ukraine’s golden fields of grain under blue skies.
a) hardworking people; talented artist; independent country; national flag; international language; special issue.
b) Kiev is an ancient city. There are many hardworking people in Ukraine. I know very many talented artists in our country. Our country is independent 15 years already. The colours of our national flag are yellow and blue. English is the international language. Our special issue is to tell you about our country.
Ukrainian schoolchildren are making a special issue of the newspaper today. They are telling about their country, its hardworking people, their traditions and customs. Ukraine has got a long history. Kyiv is the capital of the country. It is an ancient and beautiful city. Many talented people live and work here.
Ukraine is in the centre of Europe. Its territory is 603,7 thousand square kilometres. Ukrainian is the national language of the country. The national flag is blue and yellow. On the 24th of August Ukrainian people celebrate the Independence Day.
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