Карпюк, 5. Unit 2. Lesson 3

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1) —Yes, I see her very well.
2) — No, I can’t see them.
3) Yes, sure, I can see him.
4) —No, I can’t see it at all.
5) — Yes, I can see you now.
6) — No, I can’t see her.
We went to the park today and met some guests from Japan there. We could speak English with them. They asked us about our town. We had a talk about schools and schoolchildren in Japan. I learnt many interesting things. Our teacher gave us a task to write letters to Japanese children in English. The guests could take and read them to their children. It is really exciting to make new friends from Japan!
a) — Have you got any sport stamps in your collection?
— No. I haven’t got any sport stamps, but I have got some with cities’ views.
b) — I’ve got some money. But I can’t buy this. Have you got any money?
— Yes, I’ve got some. Here you are.
c) — Is there any juice to drink?
— No, there isn’t any juice, but there is some milk in the glass.
— is there any Coca-Cola?
— Let’s see. You are lucky. There is some cola in the bottle.
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