Карпюк, 5. Unit 2. Lesson 4

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1) People live in different countries.
2) People work for a living.
3) Some of people have got light skin and some have got brown.
People’s eyes may be blue, brown, gray or green.
4) Some people have got curly or wavy hair and some have got straight hair.
5) We are very different: we are of many colours; we have different eyes, hair, different ways of life.
6) We all must have food and water. We all want to be comfortable and happy. We all need love and friendship. We all like beautiful things.
A: What does your new teacher look like?
B: She is a woman. She is tall and slim.
A: What colour is her hair?
B: She has got long wavy brown hair.
A: What colour is her skin?
B: Her skin is dark.
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