Карпюк, 5. Unit 2. Lessons 1-2

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1) It was OK. He was glad to meet his new classmates.
2) He role-played at his English lesson today.
3) Yes, he liked it. It was a lot of fun.
4) Taras showed his friends photos from England.
5) He stayed at Bill’s house in London.
6) She is Nick’s and Bill’s classmate.
7) Lilia’s pen friend is from the USA. She lives in San Diego, California.
8) Amelia can draw comic strips very well.
— How did you like your first day at school?
It was great fun! When I came I saw all my school-friends. We had some time before the Lessons to tell each other about our summer holidays. Then our new teacher came. He was very friendly. He told us a little bit about himself and some funny stories about summer holidays. Then we had only two Lessons. It was a short day. And we went for a walk with all our classmates.
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