Карпюк, 5. Unit 2. Lessons 9—10

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1) They are from 6 to 11 years old.
2) School begins on the first of September.
3) Ukrainian schoolchildren eat meat, pudding, juice or cake too.
4) There are a lot of different pictures and flowers in classrooms.
5) Yes, Ukrainian children play outdoors during breaks.
2) A: Has Tina got straight hair?
B: No, she hasn’t. She has got curly hair.
3) A: Has Helen got wavy hair?
B: Yes, she has got wavy hair.
Ann is a new girl in our class. She looks pretty. She is slim and not very tall. Her eyes are blue. She has got wavy fair hair.
Yesterday I saw her mother. They are much alike. They have got light skin. But her mother’s hair is different: it is long and straight.
Hello, Olga!
I want to tell you more about myself.
I am tall and slim. I have long dark hair. My eyes are blue. My family isn’t big. I live with my mother and father. My mother is 38. She is also tall and slim. Her hair is short. Her eyes are brown. She is a secretary. My father is a driver. He is 39. He is very strong.
I live in Poltava. It’s an old beautiful town with many parks and places of interest.
Write me more about you and your family.
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