Карпюк, 5. Unit 3. Lessons 11 —12

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Learning foreign languages is very important today. English is an international language. It helps to connect people and countries. That’s why we have to learn English.
My friend Taras studied English at the International Summer language School. Now he can speak and understand real Englishmen very well. He says we need some special skills to learn the language. It’s helpful to listen and watch English programmes on radio, video and television. We have to use English when we speak with our friends, read English books, sing English songs. All these can improve our English.
A: Hello! Today we are going to answer the questions about how to learn English.
B: Hello! My English grammar is very good. But I know very few words, I can’t remember many words.
A: You should read and translate more English books and newspapers. Try to use new words as often as possible.
С: I have the opposite problem. I don’t remember grammar rules.
A: You should write more exercises and revise the rules several times a day.
D: Hi there! Fin afraid to speak English to other people.
A: First you should try to speak English to your friends.
Hello, Alexander!
How is your study? I have good news. I made a big progress in my English. I use it now every day. Because T found new pen friends with the help of Internet. And it is not only for fun. I found out a lot of interesting things from them. So it is very important to learn English. I advise you to read more in English and to watch more programmes in English. It helps a lot. And you should find pen friends from England or USA. It’s very easy to do that thanks to Internet.
Yours, Ivan.
Is it useful to listen and sing along with English songs? — Yes, it is. It improves your pronunciation.
Is it good to read books in English? — Yes, it is. You can read books of English writers without translation.
Can you find a pen friend and write to each other in English? Yes, sure. Everyone can. To do this you should know how to work in Internet and have basic knowledge of English.
Should you watch films and enjoy shows in English? — Yes, of course. It’s a lot of fun.
Should you ask your teacher to help? — Yes, we should. Often a teacher can give a better answer or advise than any textbook.
Is it good to speak as much English as you can? Yes, it is. It is a great practice for everybody.
Is it useful to study hard and do your homework? — Yes, it is. It brings good results.
Should you look up every new word? — Yes, we should. When you look it up, you remember it better.
Is it good to stop speaking when you don’t know the word? — No, it isn’t. You shouldn’t stop. You should find a similar word or try to explain what you want to say with other words.
Can you use every moment to practise English? — No, we can’t. But we should try to.
Should you translate your thoughts? — No, you shouldn’t. You should think the language you speak.
Is it useful to make up shows and parties in English with your friends? — Yes, it is. It’s a lot of fun. And it is a great opportunity to speak English.
Can you act role-plays in English? — Yes, sure. For this you need only some good dialogues.
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