Карпюк, 5. Unit 4. Lesson 3

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In our club you will get a new space name. There are the things you will do in the club: all the children will fly to the Blue Planet; every girl will go to starskate; every boy will go to play a star hockey; all the children will have a space milk shake.
We shall give you the prizes.
1) I shall have my lesson tomorrow at 8.30.
2) I shall have my lunch in the dining room.
3) I shall play football (tennis) with my friend.
4) Yes, I shall communicate with my friends through the Internet next week.
5) No, I shan’t send an e-mail tomorrow.
a) I shan’t go to school.
I shan’t do sums.
I shan’t have lunch at school,
b) He won’t write on the blackboard.
He won’t do his homework.
He won’t learn poems.
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