Карпюк, 5. Unit 4. Lessons 1—2

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1) Yes, she does.
2) She will type.
3) She will be a secretary.
4) She will be the editor.
5) He will take photos and do interviews.
6) He will be an international reporter.
7) They will communicate with children from different countries through the Internet.
8) No, they won’t. They will use their English names.
Kate will be a seller. Harry will be a spaceman. Christie will be a nurse. Rob will be a footballer. Linda will be a teacher. Ron will be a waiter. Mike will be a reporter.
I shall use English. I shall be a travel agent.
I shall interview people. I shall be a reporter.
I shell sell things. T shall be a seller.
I shall drive a car. I shall be a driver.
I shall do business. I shall be a businessman.
I shall fly into space. I shall be a spaceman.
I shall build houses. I shall be a builder.
I shall use a computer. T shall be a programmer.
I shall make books and newspapers. I shall be a publisher.
I shall give people medicine. I shall be a nurse.
I shall cook delicious dishes. I shall be a cooker.
I shall write stories and articles. I shall be a writer.
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