Карпюк, 5. Unit 4. Lessons 11 — 12

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An editor chooses the stories. A photographer takes photos. A reporter interviews people. A correspondent sends information. A driver delivers newspapers. A compositor makes the newspapers pages. A secretary’ types the stories. A news editor gets messages. Machines print newspapers.
I shall start on a new club. I shall make a plan. I shall meet classmates. I shall write an article. I shall use the computer. I shall communicate with people. I shall send an e-mail. I shall do an interview. I shall type. I shall find interesting things.
A: Where will you go?
В: I shall go to Oxford.
A: When will you go to Ox ford?
В: I shall go to Oxford next year.
A: What will you study there?
В: I shall study English there.
A: Who advised you to go there?
B: My pen friend did. Tie is from Kyiv, but he studies in Oxford.
A: Where did you learn English before?
В: I learned it at school.
In a hundred years there won’t be any classrooms. Pupils will study at home with the computers. People will live on other planets. Children will learn English and history and geography of space. All children will play moon badminton and space football. People will use bicycles and spaceships. People will eat pizza and moon chips on the moon.
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