Карпюк, 5. Unit 4. Lessons 4-5

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1) A newspaper office gets information and different messages through the phone and Internet, from their readers and correspondents.
2) Editors send out reporters and photographers to interview people.
3) Sometimes the reporters can’t get back to the office on time.
4) People use machines to print a newspaper.
5) A newspaper needs people, means of communication and lots of paper.
Do you read newspapers? — Yes, I do. I read newspapers.
Are there any newspapers or magazines for children? — Yes, there are a lot of magazines for children.
What is your favourite newspaper (magazine)? — My favourite magazine is Walt Disney’s magazine.
Why do you like it? — There a lot of funny stories in this magazine.
Would you like to work in a newspaper office? — I don’t know. I would like to try working in such office.
Is there a newspaper (magazine) at your school? — No, there is no newspaper at my school.
What do the schoolchildren need to make a school newspaper? — They need means of communication and lots of paper.
What can you do in a school newspaper office? — I can type there.
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