Карпюк, 5. Unit 4. Lessons 9—10

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I shall wake up. I shall have my breakfast. I shall take a shower. T shall go to school. Then I shall come back home. I shall go for a walk with my friends to the central park.
Mike will go to the Zoo next Sunday, too. Mike will jump in the Physical Training lesson, too. Mike will have supper at 7 o’clock, too. Mike will sing in the Music lesson, too. Mike will come in the evening, too. On Sunday Mike will go to the forest, too.
1) Bill won’t come to see you after supper. He has to do his homework.
2) It won’t rain in the evening. The sun will shine.
3) We shan’t go shopping before dinner. We shall go to the theatre.
4) You won’t put on the white dress for this party. I shall put it on.
5) Children won’t sing in the concert. They have to study.
6) Jack’s parents won’t buy a new TV set this year. They will buy a sofa.
7) Mary won’t play tennis after dinner. She has a headache.
8) Tom won’t get up at 6 o’clock tomorrow. He will get up at 8 o’clock.
9) I shan’t go to the museum on our day off. I shan’t have any time to do it.
a) Will you go to space disco?
Will you have English?
Will you play football?
Will you have lunch at school?
Will you read a book?
Will you watch TV?
b) Who will fly into space next year?
When will you have your first lesson?
Where will you go tomorrow morning?
What will you do next weekend?
When will you get up tomorrow?
1) Who will go to Great Britain? Bill will.
2) Who will give us a cup of tea? — Liza will.
3) Who will study German next week? — My parents will.
4) Who will fly in the sky? — The airplane will.
5) Who will see a new film? — Mike and Steven will.
Will you play football after the Lessons?
Will you go home after the Lessons?
Will you watch TV after the Lessons?
Will you do your homework after the Lessons?
Will you go for a walk after the Lessons?
Will you go to the cinema after the Lessons?
Will you visit your grandparents after the Lessons?
Will you help your mother about the house after the Lessons?
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