Карпюк, 5. Unit 5. Lessons 12—13

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1) — John was learning vocabulary at 5 o’clock.
Chris was reading about the African culture while John was learning vocabulary.
— What were you doing at this time?
— I was helping my mum about the house at this time.
2) — Chris was doing important things at 6 o’clock.
John was watching TV while Chris was doing important things.
— What wore you doing at this time?
— I was playing the piano.
3) — John was speaking over the phone at 7 o’clock.
— Chris was having dinner while John was speaking over the phone.
— What were you doing at this time?
— I was watching TV at this time.
4) — Chris was having a bath at 8 o’clock.
— John was having supper while Chris was having a bath.
— What were you doing at this time?
— I was taking a shower at this time.
5) — Chris was going to bed at 9 o’clock.
— John was reading a book while Chris was going to bed.
— What were you doing at this time?
— I was sleeping at this time.
1) Read a magazine or a newspaper in English. It’ll help grow your vocabulary.
2) Listen and sing English songs. It’s good for your pronunciation.
3) Watch films in English. It’s important for your listening skills.
4) Make pen friends with some English-speaking children. It’ll help improve your communication skills.
5) Do exercises in writing form. It’s useful for your spelling.
A: Where do you come from?
В: I am from Kyiv, Ukraine.
A: What is your first language?
B: My first language is Ukrainian. But I can also speak Russian really good.
A: What languages do you want to learn?
B: Well, I’m not sure yet.
A: What languages have you already studied?
В: I speak English pretty well, I know German a little bit, too. Could you, please, tell me what languages I can study here.
A: You can study here English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian.
B: How many languages can I choose?
A: You can choose now not more than three languages, but in one year you can choose one more language to learn. I hope you’ll enjoy your studying here.
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