Карпюк, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 3

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Dear Nadia,
I came to Great Britain ten days ago and now I am living with a very nice English family.
English people are very kind and friendly.
Next week there will be a Christmas Party. All the members of the family are waiting for the party now.
They buy and sign Christmas cards and send them to their relatives.
Mr Smith bought a Christmas Tree yesterday. We decorated it with little coloured lights and toys. There are lots of beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets. People say that at night Santa Claus puts presents into the stockings. So we keep the stockings near our beds. Mrs Smith will cook a traditional Christmas Pudding tomorrow.
I wish you Many Christmas and Happy New Year!
Truly yours,
Take a piece of coloured paper and cut out a form of a flower. Write the invitation and glue the coloured flower on it. Put your card into the envelope.
Blow up a balloon and tie it on your invitation. Write a name of a guest on a balloon. Have a good time!
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