Карпюк, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 4

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1) Yesterday the pupils had a Playday Party.
2) School actors and actresses acted out the plays.
3) Pupils had to vote for the best actor, the best actress and the best play.
4) The winners got their prizes.
5) There were many surprises, interesting games and different contests at the party.
6) The special prize was for the most active spectator.
7) Every child had a good time and enjoyed the party greatly.
a) Victor is sad. It’s his birthday. His sister forgot about his birthday. His friends forgot about his birthday, too. Victor walks home. He opens the door. His friends and his sister shout, ‘Happy birthday! They give Victor a present. It’s a new pet. He begins to jump. They laugh. Victor is glad. His friends and his sister are clapping hands. ‘What a great birthday!’ says Victor.
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