Карпюк, 5. Unit 6. Lessons 10—11

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Children of our class like to have parties. We write invitations for our guests. Our party always has a theme: a football birthday party, a teddy-bear party or any other. We prepare many interesting things for the party: we blow up balloons, make prizes. There are many games and contests. We vote for the leader of the party. She or he gives surprises to winners. Usually every child gets a small present.
1) Mary and Brenda are on holiday. They are secretaries and they usually type texts. They typed texts yesterday, but they are not typing texts today.
2) Bob’s on holiday. He is a builder and he usually builds houses. He built a house yesterday, but he is not building a house now.
3) Dick and Frank are on holiday. They are milkmen and they usually sell milk. They sold milk yesterday, but they are not selling milk today.
4) Peter’s on holiday. Tie is a painter and he usually paints pictures. Tie painted pictures yesterday, but he is not painting pictures today.
5) Michael and John are on holiday. They are cooks and they usually cook meals. They cooked meals yesterday, but they are not cooking meals today.
6) Fred is on holiday. He is a window cleaner and he usually cleans windows. Tie cleaned windows yesterday, but he is not cleaning windows today.
— Let’s make a party this week-end.
— What about a theme-party?
— Yes, it’s great. And what theme are we going to choose?
— I’ve got an idea! Let’s make a cartoon-party.
— Wonderful idea! I can make decorations.
— And you had very good cartoon-pictures. Can you make invitations from them?
— Yes, sure. I can also think of the games for the party.
— And I’ll think about small presents.
— We have two days to prepare.
1. a) New Year, Christmas are the most popular holidays in Ukraine.
b) We celebrate New Year on the 31st of December, Christmas — on the 7th of January. Easter we celebrate in spring.
c) We usually celebrate New Year with our friends. Now it’s very popular to celebrate it on the square. With each year less people remember old Ukrainian traditions. Christmas is traditionally celebrated with a family. They usually cook food traditional for this holiday — kutya. On Easter they cook paskas.
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