Карпюк, 5. Unit 6. Lessons 5—6

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— How do you make invitations?
— I take a piece of coloured paper and cut out a form of a flower. I write the invitation and glue the coloured flower on it.
— How do you make party decorations?
— I decorate the place with coloured lights, balloons and toys.
— How do you make prizes?
— Usually these are sweets or small souvenirs. I wrap them in coloured paper.
— How do you make fortune trees?
— I put the coloured paper on the bowl and a large piece of plasticine into it. After that I write fortunes on pieces of paper and put them with the sweets on the tree.
— How do you make party surprises?
If it’s a birthday party, we meet our friend at his home. We shout, Happy birthday! and throw balloons on him.
When I prepare for the party first of all I decide whom I want to invite. Then I make invitations. I send them by post or bring myself to the guests.
Then I decorate the flat. I buy some sweets for the guests. I think of the games that we can play.
And then the party begins.
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