Карпюк, 5. Unit 7. Lesson 4

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1) People collect a lot of different things, for example: stamps, coins, rocks, match boxes etc.
2) Because they find these things interesting. They are interested in the history of these things or they are interested in how these things look like.
3) We can learn a lot of interesting stories thanks to different collections.
4) I collect small figures of the dogs, my best friend collects badges, and my sister collects magnets with pictures from different countries.
1 The children play volleyball.
2 Mary plays the piano.
3 Nelly and Victor play badminton.
4 My elder sister plays the guitar.
5 Caroline plays basketball.
6 The boys play hockey.
1 Victor and Vladimir play sports in my group.
2 My best friend and I like to go to different places.
3 Nelly is listening to the opera now.
4 Everybody in our group is interested in music.
5 Ann is going to a concert next week.
6 Taras and Ann can play the guitar.
7 Our city’s museum has got a good collection of paintings.
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