Карпюк, 5. Unit 7. Lesson 5

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a) Hello, “English Bridge”. The best pastime for me is playing football. My older brother likes to play football, too. We often play with our friends in the yard. It’s a lot of fun and a good physical training, too.
And I never miss football matches on TV.
b) Dear “English Bridge”. I like music a lot. I collect CD’s. And I can play the piano myself. I try to compose music. And it’s very important for me that my friends like it. Music is the best thing in our life.
1 Learning things is the best kind of hobby to develop our intellect.
2 Doing things is almost always good for our health (doing sports or gardening, for example). But some hobbies can also be useless (playing computer games). They make a lot fun, but they take a lot of time, and often they aren’t very good for our health.
3 Making things is also a good way to develop your intellect. And you become more interesting for other people when you can do something with your own hands or you can play some musical instruments.
4 Collecting things we learn more about the things we collect. People often find new friends only because they collect the same things.
My favourite group of hobbies is doing things. Because I am a very active person. So this group suits me perfectly.
I think in future I will have the same hobbies that I already have. I will play- football and tennis and I will always like reading books.
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