Карпюк, 5. Unit 7. Lessons 9—10

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1 I like to watch cartoons and programmes about animals.
2 I like to listen to pop-music.
3 My friend likes to listen to the radio. Because while he is listening to the radio he can do something else, too.
4 Yes, I am interested in music. T often buy new CD’s. I like to go to the concerts.
5 No, he isn’t. Tie goes in for sports. He doesn’t have any time to collect something.
People collect postcards to learn more about the countries of the world and to learn more about the history of the country.
People collect magazines to learn more about famous people.
People collect photos of the space and astronauts to learn more about space and space flights.
People collect guide-books to learn more about places of interest.
People collect sport-newspapers to learn more about different kinds of sport.
I like every kind of sport. But the best one for me is swimming. I learnt to swim when T was five. Since then it is the only one hobby I have. I don’t want to be a professional sportsman. But I take part in some competitions from time to time. Every summer I go to the sports-camp. There I can swim in the river.
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