Карпюк, 5. Unit 8. Lesson 3

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1 Can you translate these sentences yourself?
2 Don’t help him, he can wash his hands himself.
3 Wash yourself! You are so dirty.
4 Yesterday mother bought a new dress for herself.
5 Ann looked at herself in the mirror.
6 We all enjoyed ourselves at the party.
7 Did you enjoy yourselves in the park, children?
8 We clean our room ourselves.
9 When mother is busy I cook dinner myself.
10 What a nice skirt! Kate made it herself.
11 Look! The kitten is playing by itself. It looks so funny.
12 She will do the work herself.
13 Did you study the English language yourself?
I can do it myself.
Do the task yourself.
Bill made the car himself.
Don’t help him. He’ll do it himself.
We can see here only ourselves.
The children cleaned the room themselves.
I can clean my room myself. I can do my homework myself. T can buy food i myself. I can teach you English myself. I can work with n computer myself. :
I cooked dinner myself last week. I cleaned the bathroom myself last week.
I did all homework myself last week. I repaired the refrigerator myself last week. I made a present for my mother myself last week.
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