Карпюк, 5. Unit 9. Lesson 3

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1 They have their breakfast at a quarter past seven.
2 The doctor visits the patients at half past eight.
3 They have their lunch at twelve.
4 The visitors come at two in the afternoon.
5 They have their tea at 4 p. m.
6 The visitors come at seven in the evening.
7 The visitors leave at half past eight in the evening.
8 The patients go to bed at half past nine.
9 The patients wake up at six in the morning.
10 The nurses make the beds at a quarter to seven.
Doctor Smile had four patients yesterday. Mr Green felt dizzy. Mr Smith broke his leg. Mrs Jenkins cut her finger. Little Bill caught a cold. The doctor helped every patient. His nurse gave them first aid.
1) Does your head hurt? — Yes, I have a headache.
2) Does your tooth hurt? — Yes, I have a toothache.
3) Does your ear hurt? Yes, I have an earache.
4) Does your tummy hurt? — Yes, I have a tummy ache.
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