Карпюк, 5. Unit 9. Lesson 4

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1) When I am ill my mother calls in a doctor.
2) Because then I’ll get better and be in a good health in a short time.
3) People catch flu in cold seasons.
4) My health is good.
5) I go to the dentist’s office when I have a bad tooth.
Once my friend felt ill. He was hot and had a headache. We called in a doctor. My friend was lucky it wasn’t flu. He caught a cold.
The doctor gave some medicine and said my friend should stay in bed. Then the doctor said that we should take special care of our health when it is winter. We should keep fit: do morning exercises and eat healthy food.
Once I felt very ill. I was hot and had a headache. I couldn’t eat anything and didn’t have any power to move. My mum told me that I had a flu. She didn’t call the doctor at once because she knew what to do herself. But on the third day I was really very hot and she called in a doctor. He gave me some strong medicine and advised my mum how to take care of me. Five days later I was almost healthy.
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