Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 3. Lesson 2

Задайте вопросы и ответьте на них.
1) Whose armchair is it? — It is Pafnutiy’s armchair.
2) Whose bed is it? — It is Masha’s bed.
3) Whose picture is it? — It is dad’s picture.
4) Whose TV is it? — It is mum’s TV.
Вставьте There is, There are, Are there или Is there.
1) Is there a bookcase in my room?
2) Is there a wardrobe in your room?
3) Is there a TV and a video at the window?
4) Are there books on the bookshelf?
5) Are there three rooms in my flat?
6) Are there four armchairs in the living room?