Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 3. Lesson 3

Сделайте эти предложения отрицательными.
1) There is no bookshelf at the window.
2) There are no girls in the room.
3) There is no armchair by the table.
4) There are no beds in the bedroom.
Задайте вопросы, начиная со слов в скобках.
1) There are six lamps in our house. — How many lamps are there in our house?
2) There is a wardrobe in the living room. — How many wardrobes are there in the living room?
3) There are five chairs in the dining room. — What is there in the dining room?
4) There is a bed in the bedroom. — What is there in the bedroom?
Переведите -эти предложения на английский язык.
1) Сколько книг на полке? — How many books are there on the bookshelf?
2) Что в коробке? — What is there in the box?
3) Сколько окон в кухне? — How many windows are there in the kitchen?
4) Сколько кроватей в спальне? — How many beds are there in the bedroom?
Найдите ошибки в описании комнаты и исправьте их.
1) It is a dining room. — It is a bedroom.
2) It is very gloomy. — It is very nice.
3) There is a TV and a computer at the table. — There is no TV and computer at the table.
4) There are six chairs at the table. — There are five chairs at the table.
5) There is a chair at the coffee table. — There is an armchair at the coffee table.
6) There is a wardrobe on the floor. — There is a carpet on the floor.
7) There is one lamp. — There are three lamps.
8) There are two beds and a bookcase. — There is one bed and a bookcase.
Подготовьте вопросы о квартире по примерному плану и задайте их в классе своим друзьям.
1) How many rooms are there in your flat?
2) Is there a dining room?
3) Is there a living room?
4) Is there a bedroom?
5) Is there a kitchen?
6) What is there in the living room?
7) Where is the wardrobe?
8) How many windows are there in that room?
9) Where is the TV?