Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 4. Lesson 4

Write five Russian words (напишите пять русских слов, которые, по вашему мнению, звучат так же в других языках).
Телефон, видео, джинсы, офис, супермаркет.
Fill in the gaps (заполните пропуски).
Mother: Misha! Where is your friend?
Misha: He is only my pen friend.
Father: Read the telegram again.
Misha: Meet me at the airport at 11 p.m. today. My T-shirt is yellow, my jeans are blue, my trainers are brown, and my cap is black. My rucksack is the colour of my tartan: red, blue, green and black. Thank you, Robin Mac Wizard.
Father: OK. But the airport is big. Make a big poster with his name on it and walk around!