Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 10. Lesson 4

Маше позвонила бабушка из Ростова. Догадайтесь и запишите, о чем бабушка спрашивает Машу.
Granny: Hello, Masha! What are you doing?
Masha: I am talking to you.
Granny: What are mum and dad doing?
Masha: Mum and dad are sleeping.
Granny: Where is Pafnutiy?
Masha: Pafnutiy is out. Misha and Robin are walking it.
Granny: Who is Robin?
Masha: Robin is Misha’s pen friend. Oh no, they are not walking the cat. They are having breakfast.
Granny: What are they eating?
Masha: Oranges, apples and sweets.
Granny: Where are they?
Masha: In the kitchen.
Granny: These are very strange things for breakfast!
Masha: They are from our Halloween party!