Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 10. Lesson 6

Put questions to these answers. Start with these words.
1) We are learning English, (what) — What are we learning?
2) Friends are buying birthday presents, (who) — Who is buying birthday presents?
3) He is celebrating Halloween, (what) — What is he doing?
4) I am sitting at home, (where) — Where am I sitting?
Open the brackets in Present Simple or Present Progressive.
1) Look! Robin is flying.
2) What are you doing now?
3) When do you get up every morning?
4) Is he speaking French now?
Translate into English.
1) Я всегда покупаю тыкву 31 октября. — I always buy a pumpkin on 31, October.
2) Посмотрите. Она танцует. — Look. She is dancing.
3) Что вы сейчас делаете? — What are you doing now?
4) Я хожу в школу каждый день. — I go to school every day.
5) Я сейчас мою пол. — I am washing the floor now.
E. True or false? Обоснуйте свои ответы и подготовьтесь к обсуждению в классе.
1) Misha and Robin are preparing for Halloween. — true. They are drawing a cat and a witch and they are fixing a pumpkin on the sticks.
2) Misha’s friends are not helping them. — false. They are making masks and costumes and gluing funny faces to the candles.
3) Agent Cute is celebrating Halloween with his boss. — false. He is sitting in a tree and watching the boys.
4) Boss is watching Misha and Robin’s party. — false. Boss is in London.
5) Cute is watching the party from his car. — false. He is watching the party from a tree.
6) Robin can fly. — true
7) Cute is in hospital. — true
Представьте, что мы наблюдаем за Томом. Сделайте подписи к картинкам.
Tom is getting up.
Tom is eating breakfast.
Tom is walking the dog.
Tom is going to school.
Tom is reading and writing.
Tom is coming home.
Tom is doing homework.
Tom is watching TV.
Answer the questions.
1) Where are you sitting? — I am sitting at the lesson.
2) What are you doing? — I am writing a test.
3) Are you reading? — Yes, I am.
4) Do you live in Russia? — Yes, I do.
5) Who is writing a test? — I am.
6) Do you like English? — Yes, I do.
7) What do you do after school? — After school I do homework, go for a walk and watch TV.
Correct the mistakes.
1) We play football every day.
2) Robin is flying.
3) Who is cooking breakfast?
4) Is he speaking English now?
5) How does he celebrate his birthday every year?
6) Do you understand me?