Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 5. Lesson 2

Fill in the gaps (заполните пропуски).
You mustn’t go! You must listen to me! Please!
I must tell you a secret, Misha. It is all a big mistake.
I mustn’t be in your time. I must go back.
You must help me but you mustn’t tell your family.
My name is Robin Mac Wizard. It is true. But I am not your pen friend. I am from Edinburgh. From the year 1599.
Must I believe you?
Посмотрите на правила в Мишиной комнате и перепишите их, употребляя глагол must в отрицательной форме.
1) Don’t dust my computer. – You mustn’t dust my computer.
2) Don’t open the windows. (The cat!) — You mustn’t open the windows. (The cat!)
3) Don’t close the door. (The cat!) — You mustn’t close the door. (The cat!)
4) Don’t come with dogs. (The cat!) — You mustn’t come with dogs. (The cat!)
5) Don’t look at my toy balls. — You mustn’t look at my toy balls.
6) Don’t take my books. — You mustn’t take my books.