Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 5. Lesson 8

Fill in the gaps (заполните пропуски).
Now, Robin can I tell you this? There are many new things in our time. You can’t touch them.
You can only play with the old things. For example, you can play with the ball, with our cat and with my kite. You can also read my books, paint pictures and help me with my But you can’t play with modem things. I must tell you about them first.
When can we start?
Now, but I must do my homework first.
Can I help you?
Oh! Thank you! Sure!
Прочитайте написанное вами вслух и расскажите в классе о том, Что Миша разрешил делать Робину, а чего не разрешил.
Robin can play with the ball, with Misha’s cat, and with his kite. Robin also can read Misha’s books, paint pictures and help Misha with his homework.Robin can’t play with modern things.
Какие из этих утверждений соответствуют истине, а какие нет? Обоснуйте свои ответы и подготовьтесь к обсуждению в классе.
1) Robin is a wizard. — It is true. He can travel in time and fly.
2) Robin is from London. — It is false. He is from Edinburgh.
3) Robin is from our time. — It is false. He is from the year 1599.
4) Misha must help Robin. — It is true.
5) Robin must go to London. — It is true. The Stone of Destiny is in London.
6) Robin must bring the Stone of Destiny back to Scotland. — It is true.
7) A militiaman must check Cute’s passport. — It is true.