Кауфман, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 8. Lesson 4

Answer the questions.
1) When do you usually get up? — I usually get up at 7.30.
2) What do you have for breakfast? — I have a cup of tea and sandwiches for breakfast.
3) Does your mother cook your breakfast? — Yes, she does.
4) Do you walk to school? — Yes, I do.
5) Is your school far? — No, it is not.
6) When does school start? — School starts at 9 o’clock.
7) What do you do at school? — At school we read, write, speak, sing and play.
8) How many lessons do you have on Tuesday? — On Tuesday we have 5 lessons.
9) When do you have lunch? — I have lunch at 12 o’clock.
10) When do you usually come home? — I usually come home at 2 o’clock.
11) What do you do in the evening? — In the evening I watch TV, go out or read books.
12) Do you do your homework in the afternoon or in the evening? — I do my homework in the afternoon.