Кауфман, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 18

Составьте к этим картинкам короткие рассказы.
She is Natasha. She is 16. She is Russian. She is in the street.
He is Rod. He is 10. He is English. He is on the bench.
Прослушайте легенду еще раз и дайте правильные ответы на вопросы босса от имени агента Кьюта.
Boss: What is your name?
Cute: Belov.
Boss: Are you English?
Cute: No, I am not.
Boss: Are you a student?
Cute: Yes, I am.
Boss: Where is your college?
Cute: It’s in Moscow.
Boss: Are you stupid, Cute?
Cute: No, I am not.