Кауфман, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 20

Восстановите диалоги.
Who is this lady? — She is my sister.
Who is this man? — He is my brother.
Who is that man? — That man is my father.
Who is that lady? — That lady is my mother.
What’s your mother’s job? — My mother is a manager.
What’s his sister’s job? — She is a singer.
Is she a doctor? — No, she isn’t. She is a teacher
Подготовьте досье на Кьюта и членов его семьи, воспользовавшись информацией уроков 18, 19, 20.
Cute is an agent. He is English and his home is in Oxford. His mother is a manager. She is a good manager. His sister is a doctor. She is clever. His father is a driver. His brother is his boss.