Кауфман, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 3

Answer the questions to the text “I must tell you a secret” (ответьте на вопросы к тексту).
1) Who mustn’t go? — Misha mustn’t.
2) Who must tell a secret? — Robin must.
3) Who must go back? — Robin must.
4) Who must help? — Misha must.
5) Who is from Edinburgh? — Robin is.
6) Must the family help? — No, they mustn’t.
7) Must we believe Robin? — Yes, we must.
Составьте вопросы, воспользовавшись ответами.
1) Who must read the stories with Jilly? — Doris must.
2) Who must write a letter with Jilly? — Greta must.
3) Who must find the cat with Jilly? — Pat must.
4) Who must play tennis with Jilly? — Dennis must.
Put in must or mustn’t.
You mustn’t dust the computer.
You must wash the dress.
They must go to bed.
We mustn’t watch TV.