Кауфман, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 5

Tick the correct answer (отметьте правильный ответ).
1) The Stone of Destiny is
a) in London.
b) in Washington.
c) in Berlin.
2) Robin’s mission is
a) to take the Stone back to Scotland.
b) to play football.
c) to speak English to Misha’s grandmother.
3) London is the capital of
a) Scotland.
b) England.
c) France.
4) Misha’s real pen friend is
a) in Russia.
b) in London.
c) in Edinburgh.
Write what Misha can do and can’t do (напишите, что Миша может не может делать).
1) Misha can roller-scate. Misha can swim. Misha can play tennis. Misha can say “hello”. Misha can play football. Misha can play computer games.
2) Misha can’t fly. Misha can’t travel in time.