Кауфман, 6. Unit 1. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Lesson 1.

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Fill in the gaps.
Boss: Hi, Cute! How are you?
Cute: I am not very well. And who is speaking?
Boss: It’s your Boss, Cute!
Cute: Oh, hi Boss.
Boss: Where are you, Cute?
Cute: I am in Russia, in hospital. It is very strange. What am I doing here? Do you know, Boss?
Boss: Sure you are in Russia. You are in Lukinsk. You are watching Misha Inin and Robin Mac Wizard. Do you remember?
Cute: Oh, yes! Two nice boys from Lipovaya Street! I must go and say «hello» to them.
Boss: Are you ok, Cute? Misha and Robin are not in Lukinsk now.
Cute: And where are they?
Ask questions to the underlined words.
1. Where is the gnome?
2. What can my cat do?
3. Who eat fish and chips?
4. Where does he live?
5. Where dose his friend come from?
6. Whose birthday is in June?
7. How are they going to London?
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