Кауфман, 6. Unit 12. Учебник. Lesson 8

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Final test
Chose the right answer.
1 – a
2 – c
3 – b
4 – b
5 – a
6 – a
7 – c
8 – b
9 – a
10 – b
Where will you go it you want to do these things?
1. If I want to see ravens, I’ll go to the tower of London.
2. If I want to see wax figures, I’ll go Madame Tussaud’s.
3. If I want to see dinosaurs, I’ll go to the British Museum.
4. If I want to see the home of the Queen, I’ll go to Buckingham Palace.
5. If I want to visit Sherlock Holmes’s museum, I’ll go to Baker Street.
6. If I want to see London best of all, I’ll go to the London Eye.
7. If I want to see the Stone of Destiny, I’ll go to Edinburgh.
8. If I want to see the Coronation Chair, I’ll go to the Houses of Parliament.
9. If I Want to see Nelson’s column, I’ll go to Trafalgar Square.
10. If I want to find the beginning of the Earth, I’ll go to Greenwich.
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