Кауфман, 6. Unit 2. Учебник. Lesson 1

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Поставьте местоимение в скобках в объектном падеже.
1. Let us celebrate his birthday.
2. Let us invite friends.
3. Let her make a cake.
4. Let them make a garland.
5. Let us give her cards.
6. Let him sing a song.
Translate into English.
1. Let us decorate the flat.
2. Let us celebrate the birthday.
3. Let them sing a song.
4. Let them bring the presents.
5. Let him help his mother.
6. Let us have a big cake.
Look at the pictures. What are the children doing?
1. They are decorating the flat.
2. They are phoning to their mates.
3. They are giving the presents.
4. They are singing a song.
5. They are having a big cake.
6. They are playing computer games.
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