Кауфман, 6. Unit 4. Учебник. Lesson 1

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Translate into Russian.
1. Они будут звонить мне через два дня.
2. Они будут смотреть интересный фильм завтра.
3. Питер придет на мой день рождения на следующей неделе.
4. Я буду использовать мой спальный мешок в мае.
5. Они полетят в Лондон через пять месяцев.
6. Мои друзья дадут мне подарки в мой день рождения.
Fill in the gaps. Use will.
1. They will come next week.
2. We will meet you at the station tomorrow.
3. Mark will come by bus in a month.
4. Our teacher will speak English to us in February.
5. It will snow in January.
Перепишите предложение, используя сокращенную форму помощника will.
1. They’ll visit France in a year.
2. She’ll work in the hospital in ten years.
3. My father’ll come home late on Monday.
4. Next summer we’ll go to Kiev.
5. My sister’ll go out for lunch next Saturday.
Read about a normal day for Alice and write about her day tomorrow.
Alice will get up and then she will walk her dog. She will have breakfast.
At eight o’clock she will go to school.
She always will go to school by bicycle.
She will stop and say hello to her neighbors.
She will have five Lessons at school.
Alice will come home and will do her homework.
She will cook dinner for her family.
In the evening Alice will read a book or watch TV.
Translate into English.
1. I will go to the museum tomorrow.
2. The friends will decorate the room on my birthday.
3. I will phone mother next week.
4. I will buy the tickets in two days.
5. Tomorrow Tom will begin this week.
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