Кауфман, 6. Unit 6. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Lesson 3

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I can count it.
banana, tomato, potato, pepper, cucumber, chocolate, sausage, mushroom, carrot
I can’t count it.
water, coffee, milk, rice, rice, ham, cheese, bread, buffer, juice
Fill in the gaps. Write a/an or no article.
1. We have an apple
2. I need water.
3. There is orange juice in the fridge.
4. I need chocolate for this cake.
5. Friends are drinking tea in the dining room
6. There is milk in the kitchen.
7. He doesn’t have friends.
Find the odd one out. (Найдите в каждой строке лишнее слово.)
1. bread
2. potato
3. banana
Match the picture and the sentences.
1. – d
2. – b
3. – f
4. – d
5. — e
6. — a
Write: what do you think about apples, cakes, chocolate, onions, carrots, milk, fish, sausages, cucumbers?
Apples are yummy.
They are yummy.
Cakes are tasty.
They are tasty.
Chocolate is nice.
It’s nice.
Onions are OK.
They are OK.
Carrots are awful.
They are awful.
Milk is good for me.
It’s good for me.
Fish is OK.
It’s OK.
Sausages are nice.
They are nice.
Cucumbers are awful. They are awful.
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