Кауфман, 6. Unit 6. Учебник. Lesson 2

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Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
fruit — фрукты
Read, look at the pictures and answer the questions.
1. Robin buys chocolate, sweets, ice cream, honey, sugar, doughnuts.
2. Misha buys a sausage, a chicken, sausages, bacon.
3. Betsey buys potatoes, grape fruit, peppers, cucumbers, oranges, onions, mushrooms, carrots.
4. Alice buys milk, cola, fanta, mineral water.
Alice buys orange juice. What juices can you make?
I can make tomato juice from tomatoes.
I can make banana juice from bananas.
I can make apple juice from apples.
I can make kiwi juice from kiwis.
I can make carrot juice from carrots
I can make grape fruit juice from grapefruits.
I can make nectarine juice from nectarines.
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