Кауфман, 6. Unit 6. Учебник. Lesson 6.

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Write very few or very little.
1. We have very little butter.
2. There are very few animals in the Zoo.
3. There are very few hotels in this town.
4. We have very little juice.
5. This winter is very cold. There is very little snow.
Fill in the gaps…
1. We can’t make ham and cheese sandwiches. We have a lot of cheese, but we have very little ham.
2. You have a lot of milk. Why don’t you make an omellette? We have very few eggs.
3. Why are the farmers very sad this summer? There is very little rain.
4. I’m not a vegeterian but I eat very little meat.
5. My grandfather is always alone. He has very few friends.
6. You must go home now. There are very few buses at night.
Open the brackets and put in is or are.
1. There are many potatoes in the box.
2. Are there any nuts in the jar?
3. There is little meat in the fridge.
5. There is some cheese on the plate.
6. Is there much or little tea in the mug?
Put in a lot of, much, many, very few, very little.
1. We have very few lemons. I must go to the shop.
2. She has a lot of friends. She is a very nice girl.
3. I’m late. I have very little time.
4. There is much cola in this in this tin. You can drink it.
Translate into Russian.
1. Нам не нужно много молока. В холодильнике много молока.
2. Я хочу сделать салат. Сколько мне нужно огурцов?
3. Сколько людей будут есть это пирожное?
4. Твоя пицца очень хорошая, но в ней очень мало соли.
5. Я не могу сейчас выйти. У меня очень мало времени до того, как моя мама придет домой.
Translate into English.
1. There is very little sugar in my tea.
2. Winter brings much snow.
3. How many pets do you have?
4. How much meat do you put in this soup?
5. How much milk do me have?
6. How much time do we have?
Ask questions with How much or How many.
1. How much bread is there on the table?
2. How much honey is there in the jar?
3. How many oranges are there in the fridge?
4. How many books are there on the table?
5. How much coffee is there in the mug?
6. How many pens are there in the box?
Read the text and answer the questions.
1. Rosy doesn’t eat chicken.
2. Rob does.
3. Mark doesn’t.
4. Bread is.
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