Кауфман, 6. Unit 7. Учебник. Lesson 1

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Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
archeology — археология
person — персона, личность
piano — фортепьяно
guitar — гитара
True or False? Correct the false sentences.
2. James is Betsey’s husband.
4. Mark is fourteen.
5. James sleeps in his office.
6. Rosy and Mark are interested in football.
7. People in Russia celebrate Christmas in December.
Match the person and his/her interest.
Rosy is interested in horses.
James is interested in tennis.
Mark is interested in archeology.
Найдите пары предложений, которые относятся к одному человеку…
1. Rosy plays the guitar very well because she takes a lot of guitar classes.
2. Mark goes to archeology camps with his group in summer and he always finds a lot of interesting things.
3. James is very tired in the evenings but he likes to have dinner with his family.
Then are the answers. Write the questions.
1. When is Rosy going to finish school?
2. What is Rosy interested in?
3. What is her horse’s name?
4. Is Rose interested in sports?
5. Where is Rosy?
6. What is Rose doing there?
7. Why are November and December very busy months for the shops?
8. What is her brother’s name?
9. How old is Mark?
10. What is Mark interested in?
11. Where is Mark?
12. Where does Mark always go in summer?
13. Will they visit Salisbury plain?
14. Why will Betsy tell about Robin later?
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