Кауфман, 6. Unit 7. Учебник. Lesson 6

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Переведите заголовок урока. Выберите наиболее подходящий перевод для слова customs.
У каждой страны свои обычаи.
1. – b
Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
sandals — сандалии
culture — культура
shock — шок
Listen, read and answer the questions.
1. Misha is writing the letter.
2. The letter is for Misha’s parents.
Complete the table with there sentences.
1. The weather in November is warm but rainy.
2. There is a tap for cold water and a tap for hot water.
3. People wear sandals and T-shirts.
4. There is no brown bread.
5. People go to bed with hot water bottles.
6. The grass is green in November.
7. People normally have dinner at nine o’clock.
8. People don’t eat any bread with their dinner.
1. It is very cold and there is a lot of snow in November.
2. People wear a lot of warm clothes in November.
3. Central heating isn’t very expensive.
4. There is one tap for cold and warm water.
5. People eat bread with their dinner.
6. People normally have dinner at seven o’clock.
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