Кауфман, 6. Unit 7. Учебник. Lesson 8

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Complete the sentences.
1. I am interested in books. My favourite pastime is reading books.
2. Dennis is interested in films. His favourite pastime is watching films.
3. Jane is interested in music. Her favourite pastime is listening to music.
4. My father is interested in football. His favourite pastime is playing football.
5. Alice is interested in computer games. Her favourite pastime is playing computer games.
6. Mary is interested in songs. Her favourite pastime is singing songs.
True or false. Correct the false statements.
1. The English have one tap for cold and hot water. False. The English have two taps.
2. It is not cold in England in November. True.
3. It often rains in England. True.
4. Christmastime in England starts in October. False. Christmastime in England starts in November.
5. The English eat a lot of bread with their dinner. False. The English don’t eat much bread with their dinner.
6. The English wear very warm clothes in November. False. The English don’t wear warm clothes in November.
Let’s revise.
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