Кауфман, 6. Unit 8. Учебник. Lesson 2

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1. He is always hungry.
2. You were busy last year.
3. They are at home every Saturday.
4. He was in London last summer.
5. The stone of Destiny was in Westminster Abbey some years ago.
6. Misha and Robin were in Russia four weeks ago.
7. They were our friends some years ago.
8. She was interested in horse riding some years ago.
9. He is never late.
10. It is normally cold.
11. He never has orange juice for breakfast. He doesn’t like it.
12. We always play together.
13. His birthday was last Sunday.
Translate from Russian into English.
1. We are busy today.
2. They are now in England.
3. Today he is not at school.
4. I am twelve now.
5. He was busy last week.
6. They were in Russia last year.
7. He wasn’t at school yesterday.
8. I was 11 years last year.
Translate into Russian.
1. Он не любил говорить по-английски в прошлом году.
2. Могла она танцевать два года назад? — Нет, не могла.
3. Что мог твой любимец делать в прошлом году?
4. Кто мог играть в компьютерные игры пять лет назад?
Answer the questions.
1. Yes, I could.
2. No, I couldn’t
3. No, she couldn’t.
4. Yes, I could.
5. I could play tennis last summer.
Look at the pictures. Where were these people at 3 a.m. yesterday?
John was in the bus.
Peter was in the office.
Tim was at the station.
Kate was in the shop.
Paul was at school.
Linda was in bed.
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