Кауфман, 6. Unit 9. Учебник. Lesson 7

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Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
patriot — патриот
tunnel — туннель
finally — наконец
Find there sentences in the text.
1. My father was one of the Scottish patriots.
2. The way to London was long and dangerous.
3. The English knew about our organization, and they could catch and kill any of our members.
4. When you travel in time, you take somebody’s place there, so somebody must take your place in your time.
5. This person must be your age and must be your relative.
6. Mac Wizard is an old Scottish name, so all MacWizards lived in Scotland.
Correct the mistakes.
1. The organization couldn’t go to London.
2. The great wizards know about time tunnels.
3. Robin found a relative in the future.
4. Robin went to the future.
5. Robin’s father helped him.
6. Rob looked like Robin.
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