Кауфман, 6. Unit 9. Учебник. Lesson 9

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Test yourself.
Put in the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.
Last summer Yane and Pete visited their Granny. She lived in a little house in Oxford. The weather was nice and children had a lot of fan. One day they saw a little dog in the street. They took the dog home and called it Nancy. Nancy was very kind and clever.
They played together every day. When Pete’s ball got lost and she found it and Pete was very happy. Autumn came and the children got back to London.
They couldn’t take Nancy with them to their little flat, so Nancy stayed with Granny. The children often thought about Nancy and wanted to visit her. One morning Jane looked out of the window and saw Nancy. She found them and came with a present. In her mouth, she had Pete’s old trainer.
Распределите эти слова пo колонкам в зависимости от произнесения окончания — ed.
[d]: played, closed, opened;
[t]: looked, washed, cooked, checked, liked;
[id]: invited, started, decorated, waited, celebrated.
Find eight verbs in the letter line.
Match the verbs.
1. – c
2. – a
3. – h
4. – e
5. – d
6. – g
7. – b
8. – f
Translate the verbs in brackets into English.
1. He saw Mary yesterday.
2. She read this book last year.
3. We met him last week.
4. Tom took my book last month.
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