Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 1. Lesson 1, 2

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Complete the sentences.
Our boss works day and night because he is a workaholic.
If you cross the road and don’t look, your life will be in danger.
“I need to speak to your director.” — That’s me. I am the director of this school.
Use the, a, (no article).
1. Olga lives in Russia. It is a very big country.
2. He can’t speak German. If he goes to Germany, he’ll need a translator.
3. Did Robin come from Edinburgh or from London?
4. Do you speak Japanese? Is it difficult?
5. We want to go to Turkey next year. — Go in September. It is the best time in Turkey.
6. He lives in France, doesn’t he? — Yes, this man is a doctor from Paris.
Answer the questions about the characters.
Who speaks Japanese? — Boss does.
Boss speaks Japanese.
Who is learning Russian? — Agent Cute is.
Agent Cute is learning Russian.
Who is going to read history books? Rob is.
Rob is going to read history books.
Who likes to help people? — Boss does.
Boss likes to help people.
Who got lost in Russia? — Rob got lost in Russia.
Who found Rob? — Misha Inin did. Misha Inin found Rob.
Who likes reading books? — Rob, Rosy and Mark are.
Rob, Rosy and Mark like reading books.
Who is a workaholic? — Boss is. Boss is a workaholic.
Who went to the Edinburgh of the past? — Robin did.
Robin went to the Edinburgh of the past.
Who had a pen friend in Russia? — Rob had.
Rob had a pen friend in Russia.
Who goes to an ordinary school? — Misha Inin does. Misha Inin goes to an ordinary school.
Подчеркни названия стран, не совпадающие с названием языков.
Look at the menu of the Food of the World restaurant.
Match the food and the country.
Sushi is Japanese. You can have the best sushi in Japan.
Pizza is Italian. You can have the best pizza in Italy.
Borsch is Russian. You can have the best borsch in Russia.
Roquefort is French. You can have the best Roquefort in France.
Fish and chips are English. You can have the best fish and chips in England.
Chicken with rice is Chinese. You can have the best chicken with rice in China.
Kebab is Turkish. You can have the best kebab in Turkey.
Frankfurters are German. You can have the best frankfurters in Germany.
Paella is Spanish. You can have the best paella in Spain.
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