Кауфман, 7. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 1. Lesson 4

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Translate the words in brackets and fill in the gaps.
Agent Cute had to deliver a document to Rob MacWizard’s family.
The document was top secret.
Robin dropped the document when he went back to his time.
The document is a key to the treasure.
I have a cheese sandwich and you have a ham sandwich. Let’s swap.
Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Last year Agent Cute had a very interesting case.
An English boy Rob went to his pen friend Misha in Russia.
His parents came to the detective agency for help.
Agent Cute worked on the case.
He went to Russia and found Misha and his family.
They had a visitor from England — Robin.
Agent Cute watched the boys in Russia and,
when they went to England, he watched them in England.
Robin is from 1599.
He came from the past because he wanted to take the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey back to Scotland.
The two boys used a time tunnel and swapped places in time
and Agent Cute helped them swap back!
He found a note. It is the key to a family treasure.
Answer the questions.
In America they speak English, don’t they? — Yes, they do.
In America they speak English.
In Russia they speak Russian, don’t they? — Yes, they do.
In Russia they speak Russian.
In Italy they don’t speak Spanish, do they? — No, they don’t.
In Italy they don’t speak Spanish. They speak Italian.
In China they speak Japanese, don’t they? — No, they don’t.
In China, they speak Chinese.
People from Berlin speak French, don’t they? — No, they don’t.
People from Berlin don’t speak French. They speak German.
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